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8 June, 2007

Anis performing

Anis Mojgani is an American Baha’i poet who holds the title of the 2006 and 2005 National Poetry Slam Individual Champion. When you listen to his spoken word poetry you are transported into a world of thoughtful contemplation, his work is moving and has an interesting spiritual essence to it. Mojgani has performed with; Jill Scott, Beau Sia, DMX, Sage Francis and Buddy Wakefield. Which is a pretty impressive array of artists, here’s more from his Myspace biography:

Anis was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. A little man, he was born in a teacup and raised by doormice, before he set out into the world with only a mouthful of pomegranate seeds to find out what he sounded like from the inside. A visual and performing artist, Anis made his way to Georgia where after planting seven years of himself there, he graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in comic books and (99.3% of) an MFA in performing arts. He has written and performed spoken word for nearly 10 years, competing with poetry slam teams from New Orleans, New york City-Urbana, and Seattle.

In a recent podcast from Next Level Radio, they feature an exclusive performance where he shares an intimate and powerful recital, which Anis gave at INRS while he was visiting the University of Maryland. Followed by this he gives an informal question and answer session, which gives insight into the spiritual/personal side of his work which I found very interesting. For me artists can really inspire and shed new light on spiritual themes, by expressing them through poetry in its many forms.


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  1. 10 June, 2007 10:06

    I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Anis personally. The man is cool.

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