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‘One Tribe’ – keeping music alive?

18 June, 2009

161/365 by liz joffe

'161/365' by liz joffe

“We are one people…” are the words spoken by repeatedly on The Black Eyed Pea’s forthcoming single titled ‘One Tribe’, this is a feel good unifying song reminiscent of their successful hit ‘Where is the love?’. Popular music increasingly tries to formulate universal messages into tracks, interestingly you can flick through a variety of songs from the same artist and find almost contradictory messages e.g. conflict alongside unity. This is pretty much true to situations in everyday life, and for me best understood as two forces that of ‘integration’ and ‘disintegration’.

Putting all my musical dislikes aside with artists promoting mixed messages,  instilling oneness in to music is a real eye-opener, and I firmly believe positivity can reach the same (if not more) listeners than the now well established ‘ring-tone rappers’. Hip-Hop luminary Jay-Z recently celebrated the death of Auto-Tune (a method for altering the pitch of vocals), it seems there is a call for a renaissance in Hip-Hop music from the current over saturated sound, to music which is ‘rawer’ and ‘purer’ (in a good way):

“I know we facing a recession/But the music y’all making gonna make it the great depression!”
(Jay-Z – D.O.A.)

Music remains a powerful medium to unite or divide ‘tribes’, the former being historically far reaching (John Lennon, Bob Marley etc.), and the latter in my opinion simply a product of a fundamentally unequal society. It may not be the great depression just yet for music, but in times of hardships songs of hope do not fall on deaf ears, regardless of  where they appear from.

‘Black Eyed Peas – One Tribe’

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