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Afshin filming
y name is Afshin and I’m from London, I started this blog to talk about music and film while also trying to reflect on more deeper social issues. I mainly blog about Baha’i related topics but I try to cover other areas as well, hopefully readers will get something positive from this blog.

Feel free to comment on and discuss the posts, I appreciate feedback on this blog but I reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments. Also if you would like to help contribute to the content please let me know.

You can contact me in the following ways:

  • E-mail – afshin99(at)
  • Skype  – afshinuk
  • Facebook – Afshin Rohani

12 Comments leave one →
  1. 24 January, 2009 21:29

    Thank you very much, I will be checking out yours!

  2. Pete Hulme permalink
    22 January, 2009 15:11

    Hi, Afshin. I’ve enjoyed exploring your blog. Love the title! I’m putting i link to it from mine. Take care.

  3. 13 October, 2008 00:24

    Corrected link :

  4. 13 October, 2008 00:24

    Hey Afshin,

    Take a look at Dawn Breakers International Film Festival (DBIFF) perhaps feature an article about it.

  5. Synnove permalink
    4 May, 2008 15:05

    I love it!
    I’m finding music here I haven’t heard before.

  6. 14 October, 2007 22:54

    Thank you for the comments, hopefully I can get back on track with my blogging!

  7. 10 October, 2007 09:37

    Peace Afshin

    A nice blog you have here. Insha Allah, I will be stopping by again in the future.

    Abdur RAhman

  8. Arash Vaziri permalink
    10 July, 2007 00:27

    Hi Afshin, just a quick message of support, I like what I see.

  9. neysn zoelzer permalink
    15 April, 2007 12:37

    afshin, allah’u’abha,
    this is neysan of batash.
    thought you might be interested in
    new music-related website. looks quite awesome. states no author, but looks neat and should be quite useful.

  10. 9 March, 2007 17:34

    Hey Afshin,
    This is Nas, what’s up brother ?
    i wanted to ask you if that’s ok that i put a link to your website in mine ?
    let me know if you mind :)
    i really like your blog, it’s wonderful, keep it up
    it’s dinner time here , catch ya later

  11. 19 January, 2007 22:37

    Hi Afshin,

    You might like to check out my Baha’i-inspired poetry videos, here:

    Best wishes — John.

  12. 20 December, 2006 10:18

    Hi, Afshin. It’s great to read your blog. I’ve linked to you on my blog. It’s great to see so much Baha’i life going on. Keep well!

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