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Pancakes and spirituality

9 March, 2009

After much anticipation Soul Pancake has officially launched, its a website created by Rainn Wilson the guy from the American version of The Office. SP is a social networking site designed for young people to talk about the big questions in life without feeling lame or odd for doing so. It encourages people to ask their burning questions using creative methods, while trying to build a worldwide community who wish to unravel such age old thoughts such as what is the meaning of life? When spirituality can often be such a taboo amongst youth and society at large.

Rainn was recently interviewed by the extremely popular talk show host Oprah on her web cast related to different faiths, its a great video where his Baha’i faith is explored in relation to his attitude to the arts and worship. They also discuss the hope America’s current breeze of change is experiencing with the role of service towards humanity becoming increasingly popular post-Obama inauguration, this is despite a global financial crisis which in many ways is making lots of people question morality and re-investigate the notion of religion.

Rainn on Oprah:

Exploring Spirituality

You may know him as Dwight from NBC’s The Office, but acting isn’t Rainn Wilson’s only passion. Oprah talks with Rainn about his Baha’i faith and his website that allows people to discuss life’s big questions.
Listen to an audio clip | Watch the webcast
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  1. quietfire permalink
    29 April, 2009 21:02

    This is cool. I think that his new website can be used as a tool to empower all of us. By asking questions that most are afraid to confront inspires more to do the same. Let us be the change we want to see in the world. Long live change!

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