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BBC documentary – ‘Faith 39’

24 January, 2009

While surfing Friday night TV I stumbled across an informative and unique documentary on the BBC titled ‘Around the World in 80 Faiths’, which briefly mentioned the Baha’i Faith (‘Faith 39’) in its ‘Middle East’ edition to the series. The programme travels across the globe to seek out different faiths and their rituals, although the presenter Pete Owen presents some details about the Baha’i Faith oddly, he expresses his hope that this type of world-embracing religion will be the future.

Pete Owen Jones presents the definitive guide to faith on earth, with eighty rituals across six continents in the space of a year.

The big six world religions are only part of the story. Faith is belief in the sacred, and it is expressed in a rich diversity of rituals, in denominations, sects, cults, tribal faiths and new religious movements. Pete’s mission is to witness and take part in rites rarely filmed before, to take the religious pulse of the planet and to understand the depth of humanity’s fascination with the divine. As an Anglican priest, Pete will be confronting cultures that will challenge his values and prejudices – he will be surprised, even offended, but also enlightened.

Around the World in 80 Faiths

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