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9 December, 2008

My drawing from Sunday School (around age 10)

I’m back from my Baha’i pilgrimage, I don’t know how to describe the experience, and I hope I will come to appreciate what I have gained from it in times ahead. All I can think about right now is that I have to try and take some of the spiritual intensity I was surrounded by during my visit and try and apply it in my own life gradually but consistently.

I also can’t help myself from feeling the thrilling sensation which I experienced from being so close to my hearts desire i.e. visiting the Baha’i holy places in particular the shrine of the Báb.

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  1. 12 December, 2008 19:26

    Yes, pilgrimage is a wonderful experience. I went last year around this time, and I still think about it. I’m sure I will always treasure the experience, even if I am able to return, for there will never be another first time for me. As I’m sure you heard during one of the talks, the full significance of our pilgrimage only becomes apparent in the next life.

    You wonder how you’ll describe the experience. I found ways to do so, in my pictures and in a journal. I put my journal on my website ( — a believer’s attempt to capture the experience of pilgrimage, even though no attempt can fully capture it.

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