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Generation Europe?

5 October, 2008
Particpants of the SMS in Portugal

Participants of the SMS in Portugal

Last week, I was in in Portugal attending the Summer Media School (SMS), it was a chance for young media  professionals and students from the European Union, to create media together under the theme of ‘Generation Europe’. During the school everyone was involved with different projects, and  in the last couple of days the content was published online.

I was fortunate enough to work with inspiring journalists from Poland, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom. The workshops covered television, radio, photography and press. My time was mainly spent in the TV workshop, working on short video pieces filmed at the University of Social Communication in Lisbon.

Although It was a great gathering of diverse people in the media, it certainly lacked a focus. As ‘Generation Europe’ simply sounds good on paper, rather then providing an opening for dialog between young Europeans. Besides that set back, I felt that the creativity of the participants and their own cultural backgrounds which reflected in the work, helped at least to open one’s eyes. From this we started to tune in to our common values and appreciate the different faces of Europe, naturally there is some turbulence along the way, but it is short lived, when we learn to consult as one entity and aim to work in unity.

If I had to define ‘Generation Europe’ I’d say, it was made up of young people from countries which hold a key role in addressing the needs of the whole world. Whether it be political, social or economic Europeans must use their strengths to reinforce and spread the investigative nature and ethics of journalism. So that every citizen feels part of the same interactive generation, where Europe is just a stepping stone and not a dividing line.

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  1. 6 October, 2008 03:16

    i’m all for peace! =)
    great job! uniting like minds!

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