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My Paper

1 October, 2008
Photo Notes at Cafe by KevMinh1205, all rights reserved.

Photo 'Notes at Cafe' by KevMinh1205, all rights reserved.

I must write, for it must be written

Written is how I see this text as I pause, and then reflect

I must, I must recite aloud, ludicrously loud.

As I sit, to impress, to impress I dress

So dignified I will address

Stressed, this is how, how my words cling to this sheet

The untidy hand, handwriting only interpreted by its author

Retrospectively self-righteous

For no stranger neither I, truly understands the implied meaning of this verse

Which rests reassuringly upon a text, it has no idea what it has been chosen to behold

A detailed description, of why the letters inscription

Is clung, to such a material as paper, and not the other way around

Though many trees have come into contact with my head,

I cannot admit to have left an impression of my work imprinted on its bark proud.

Why, then do I sit a rogue rhymer dwelling, not writing on a matter?

Which meditates my thoughts somewhere, somewhat supremely significant

It is precisely ardent that I tell the history of the text

Once scrapped from an extended tool of expression

Trailing characters unarticulated that hadn’t anticipated a crowd.

Never waited upon or rated on, this piece of paper is subjected to bursts of knowledge

Or structured events, either way it rests head strong, line-by-line nature’s sublime

Messages are merely a montage of magnificence, tragically trapped within a self-Representation of a talent torn From tallness, uncultivated, and shun from praise

My ideas rest, a gift for the modern age.

Although feelings of confinement do not posses, it feels great

When reading, what I have extracted off from my chest

My memory remains short, stumped and strained

Writing it down, surrounds this piece with a trace of my reflection

I hold this medium, and project it beyond any sort of recollection

A revolutionary release, of repressed rage.

I might, I might, I shall, and I will, I have a choice, I will

Choose to rest upon this piece of paper, so I can relate, not take and fake

But only so my boredom can be staged, I must write, behold, what’s upon this page…

By Afshin Rohani

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