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Baha’i student pursues studies abroad

19 October, 2007


A Baha'i Student from Iran

(Image – ‘Baha’i faithful find refuge at U’)

The Daily Utah Chronicle‘ which is the student newspaper for Utah University has published an interesting article covering the issue of Baha’i students in Iran. It looks at the story of Naeim, an electrical engineering student who recently came to the United States to seek a safe environment where he could study at University. Being raised in Tehran his family were close to the injustices which face followers of the Baha’i faith, in moving to Turkey and eventually the USA Naeim now has the opportunity to have a secure future studying at an American University. In Iran Baha’i students are discriminated against when they seek to attend institutions of higher education, which according to the United Nations everyone should be entitled to regardless of their religious belief. Naeim relates that in his experiences in Iran :

“They were trying to find any reason to kick us out of school or class,”

You can read the full article here, and access more information on the current situation of Baha’i students at this link.

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