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Dance For Peace

14 October, 2007

Dance For Peace Logo

I just stumbled across this website called ‘Dance For Peace‘, it is a great initiative which offers a cultural exchange programme which teaches urban dance to underprivileged people living in countries which have been affected by civil conflict. The facilitators of the workshops teach the students dance skills as well as motivating the individuals to achieve their potential by building upon their self-esteem and teaching them how to work as a team.

By purchasing a T-Shirt you can help fund this great project (while also looking very cool) which aims to expand it’s work across other countries, I think dance is an awesome medium to use to offer service to others.

Dance for Peace is currently facilitating festivals in Cape Town, South Africa and Lima, Peru with future projects planned for Uganda, Brazil and the Philippines


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  1. Leka permalink
    20 May, 2008 21:25

    Hi, this sounds so interesting! I am really passionate about dancing, I want to know, how can we get involved with this project?

  2. tess permalink
    10 January, 2008 23:29

    i think this is a great organization and i’m glad people are supporting it :]

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