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Youth feel at home in ‘Tranquility Zone’

7 August, 2007

The inside of a 'Tranquility Zone'

“An oasis of calm and well-being for
body, mind and soul”

The ‘Tranquility Zone‘ was established in the English town of Swindon by members of Baha’i community, it can be described as simply a peaceful place where anyone can come and relax, reflect or meditate on their life. There is no religious practice involved more-so it is an environment for people to gain some spiritual tranquility, away from the often stressful areas of work or school.

This devotional activity is offered as a free service to members of the general public, and has attracted many people from different faiths and cultural backgrounds. The ‘Tranquility Zone’ has gained particular success in giving hope to local school children in Swindon, as they feel uplifted from what they experience and have a more positive image of themselves. In a recent news article by the BBC, Fidelma Meehan of the local Baha’i community talks about Swindon’s Tranquility Zone. View the article here, and make sure you check out the video report as well.

Fidelma Meehan, who runs the project, said the tranquillity zones allowed youngsters to find themselves.

“They go on a journey where they visualise their gems of inestimable value,” she said.

Dr Stephen Bigger, from the University of Worcester, added: “They can change the picture of themselves in their heads and say ‘Yes I have potential’.” (Source)

Be sure to check out which is the website of the Swindon Young People’s Empowerment Programme, the programme responsible for running the Tranquillity Zone.


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  1. 7 August, 2007 22:53

    Nothin’ like a little tranquility. Thanks! Also it’s good to see that you appear to be blogging more regularly and sharing your world with everyone. Nice to see.

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