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The power of the Word…

8 July, 2007

The Jam

“Oh, God, make me a hollow reed, from which the pith of self hath been blown so that I may become as a clear channel through which Thy Love may flow to others.”

-From the Baha’i writings.

The other night my friend Rayyan and I were participating in an ‘Open Mic Night’ at Deal Real records store in Carnaby Street. It was a soulful gathering of different musical minds. Though this is not why I’m writing this note, what was worth noting was what we noticed which was quite unique. During the jamming, a rapper called ‘Antarma‘ started to share some lyrics with us which we didn’t expect to hear. In one of his verses he used the line ‘make me a hollow reed’, we were rocked back but in the midst of the moment we just continued to nod our heads thinking it was a weird coincidence.

Rayyan and I thought it was strange to hear the essence of a Baha’i quote from a stranger we met in a Hip-Hop cypher in London. Afterwards we bumped into this fellow again by chance, we were curious to know where he had heard the line. Then he explained that he was a muslim interested in different religions and spirituality, and told us that he was moved by a Baha’i inspired song which he had learnt from a friend. We were amazed by this humble guy and the power of the word of God, following on from this spiritual chat we started jamming on Oxford Street with a group of musicians for what seemed like an eternity.


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  1. Benjamin permalink
    2 February, 2008 07:41

    I just wanted to let the author of this page know that as stated by a response by the Universal House of Justice to an individual believer that the “hollow reed” prayer should not in any wise be attributed to ‘Abdu’l-Baha himself. It is often said among the Baha’is that it was a prayer by the Master, but infact, the Universal House of Justice, after researching it, had this response:

    By the way, the website that I just posted is a commonly used website by Baha’i scholars as it has, to my understanding, been approved to be correct by Baha’i administration.

    Your friend,


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