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Dawnbreaker Collective

27 April, 2007

Some of the group Performing

I was searching the Internet aimlessly for a while to get away from doing university work, then I came across the Myspace music site of the Dawnbreaker Collective. ‘The Dawnbreakers’ is a title of a book which is an account of the early believers of the Báb who heroically gave their life for his cause. Now I’d previously heard of the people in this music group individually, though this new vibe was something real exciting. The Suitably titled ‘Arise’ (Release date – May 23rd) is the debut album from an eclectic collection of Baha’i inspired American artists which include; Iodine, Benny Cassette, Vahid, Tara Ellis, Matu, Mathai, Ray Loo, Andy Grammer and Devon Gundry.

From what I’ve heard from the tracks on-line its a mix of spiritually conscious Hip-Hop, spoken word and Roots music, though in-terms of genre and content the themes in the music are quite universal. The tracks have been professionally produced to such a high standard, it really rivals most of the popular music getting heavy rotation on radio stations. So please support these artists and spread this faith as creatively as possible!


In the studio with the Dawnbreaker Collective


Update – 12/08/07 – Check this article


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  1. dylan rath permalink
    30 January, 2009 20:07

    my sister got me one of your cds for christmas and i listened to it. your music is amazing

    cant believe that i havent listened to it before

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