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Time to get spiritual in The Office

21 March, 2007

'Dwight' in the US Office series

The Office was a real favourite of mine when the UK version first aired, now as the US adaptation gains increasing success its American cast gain a great deal of media exposure. Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight the geeky and weird comedic counterpart to Steve Carell (Michael), is normally seen to have an extreme sociopathic character in the show but as he prepared for the new film The Last Mimzy a different role was adapted.

In the film two children come across a mysterious box of toys, through it their parents, and even their hippie-like teacher (Wilson) are drawn into a strange and terrifying world. In Wilson’s character there is a spiritual side which emerges, and within a recent interview he discussed how, in his real life the Baha’i Faith plays a large role in shaping this aspect.

Here is an extract from If Magazine:

Interviewer: So this hippie like teacher in T’he Last Mimzy’ is closer to you?

WILSON: Yes, this is me in the alternate life. I’m an English major at the University of Washington and I’m toying with acting. I’m at a cross road between keeping working at the University or do I go to India with my friends and travel around. Or do I go to New York and go to acting school and become an actor and follow that path. Yes, this character is close to who I would be in an alternate universe. But my family and I are part of the Bahai faith and I’m very spiritual. My spiritual life and belief are very much part of my life and this was one aspect of the Mimzy script that touched me; this mystical and spiritual aspect unfoldingRainn Wilson within the story line.

: Is there a large Bahai community in the U.S?

WILSON: Yes, we are over 100,000 people part of the Bahai family. There are a lot of us in California and all around the world. Bahai’s faith is a monotheist religion. We only believe there is only one God and that there is only one religion and that Buddha, Muhammad, Abraham, Jesus are all prophets of God that come at various point of time and give the message of God to mankind. I think that there is a strong belief that there is a spiritual evolution to mankind. Mankind grows progressively and matures to be closer to God and what God wants for us, and ultimately by doing so we can solve the world’s problems and grow together in unity and harmony. I think that theme is very much in Mimzy. There is also the theme of people being pulled towards their destiny; they’re not quite sure what it is. But they know their destiny has to do with mankind’s future and the healing of the world.

I think he described the Baha’i Faith in a very neat way, and I wish him all the best in having such firm beliefs whilst working in Hollywood, which can be seen as a very materialistic environment.


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  1. 3 April, 2007 16:19

    Thank you. So you live in London. I was curious about where you were, not that it really matters. So you must know Barney. Ah, now I can brag that I know two righteous U.K. Bloggers. When I get a moment I will check out the song that you mentioned. I’m always in the market for some good Baha’i music.

  2. 25 March, 2007 23:58

    Hey Phillipe,

    I’m glad you enjoy the blogging, I enjoy your entries too. So you know him? That’s cool, he makes me laugh so much in The Office.

  3. 25 March, 2007 22:51

    Thanks for the post on this cool Baha’i actor who seems to be really blowin’ up. I’ve been telling people about him and will send him right over here to read your stuff. This is one of my favorite blogs. Keep up the righteous bloggin’

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