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‘Batash’ – Baha’i tabs & sheet music

4 February, 2007

Batash Notice

Batash is a Baha’i inspired website in development by Neysan Zoelzer, it aims to provide a resource for Baha’i music by indexing primarily guitar tabs and sheet music. They have urged Internet users to blog about their project to highlight the fact that they need web developers, who have experience working with the TYPO3 web-content management system.

Also help is needed to collect tabs and sheet music from Baha’i-inspired material. The creators would like to have a certain amount of content before the site is launched, and contributions are welcomed. This included songs that people have written themselves, or songs from a songbook which includes tabs. Permission from the publisher should be obtained before sending any material.

What is needed:


Please send any material to

Words from Batash:

The next months will witness the rise of the BATASH website, an innovative source of sheet music and guitar tabs for Baha’i-inspired music. It will be the first of its kind. This blog is dedicated to tracking its progress up to its final launch, allowing the developers themselves to share the latest victories and the future users to share their thoughts and needs.

Our objective is to develop a website, accessible, practical, resourceful for the world-wide Baha’i community. Our aim is that it will assist the individual in his/her effort in the Institute Process, encouraging the implementation of the arts…



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  1. 19 July, 2007 13:37

    Batash is going to be working with to incorporate sheet music alongside the artists. Just a bit of exciting news.

  2. 16 July, 2007 19:11

    This kind of a Baha’i music site may prove useful. For the time being Baha’i music is available from a multitude of sites. Divinenotes, of course, is the most notable, but I find unreasonable their requirement of exclusive rights of digital distribution for Baha’i recording artists. Another notable site is Myspace, but then there are others, such as and, from which several albums by Baha’is can be downloaded. Perhaps the best place where to search links to such artists is, particularly as the site seems to be delayed forever. As far as CDs are concerned, by far the best site is with a selection of about 100 albums by Baha’is. Then there’s Special Ideas and other privately run Baha’i distributors. In general the publishing trusts and BDSs all over the world are not fulfilling their task of distributing Baha’i music effectively. Hence the whole market is a mess.

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