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Bahai Faith in Egypt – Update

25 December, 2006

It has been over a week since an Egyptian court ruled against members of the Baha’i Faith, from having their religion listed on government ID cards which is a move that discriminates against their own citizens.

There has been coverage from various international media outlets resulting in much on-line discussion on the matter, an Egyptian newspaper featured a ‘Brief look at the Bahai Faith’ a couple of days ago. It is quite an informative piece, which details some of the foundational beliefs of the religion, here’s an extract:

CAIRO: Bahaism has recently been making headlines in the national press. As the debate on whether or not to recognize the faith officially heats up, it spurs a seemingly endless stream of misinformation about Bahaism. Here is a quick glance at what is considered “one of the youngest of the world’s major religions.”

The Baha’i faith was founded by Baha’u’llah (the Glory of God in Arabic) in Iran in 1844. According to Bahai teachings, religious history is seen as a continuous learning process for mankind through God’s messengers, which are termed “Manifestations of God.” Baha’u’llah is believed to be a more recent “manifestation”, and proclaimed that he was not the final messenger but spoke of the impending arrival of the latest in the line of prophets, including Moses, Jesus Christ, and the Prophet Mohamed.

The faith’s central concept is that of unity. Bahais believe that people should combine their efforts towards the benefit of humanity as a whole. In that sense, the Baha’i religion is unusual in that it accepts all other faiths as true and valid.

Bahais believe in a single, imperishable God, the creator of all things. The existence of God is thought to be eternal, without a beginning or end…Continued

I also came across some cartoon satire mentioning the situation, from a blogger in Israel:

A Cartoon


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