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The Roots – Game Theory Tour (London)

15 December, 2006

Game Theory

n Tuesday night I went with a few friends to see The Roots in concert at the Shepard’s Bush Empire. It is definitely the best gig i’ve ever been too, the atmosphere with intimate but grand and the same time. As for the music, the audience witnessed a flawless rendition of material from the ‘Game Theory’ album alongside classic tracks from previous albums, even Amy Winehouse appeared momentarily to leave her mark.

There were some great solos from ?uestlove and Captain Kirk, my highlight was the encore which seemed to go on for 40mins (at least) with a medley of covers vibrantly playing notable Hip-Hop hits. There was even room for a superb rendition of the song ‘Roxanne’ by The Police.

All in all The Roots crew really is a great gathering of true musicians, and Black Thought‘s social commentary is on-point every time. Artists are saying Hip-Hop is dead but if you want to see beyond the gimmick, pull out an album like ‘Do You Want More?!!!??!’ and see that the same group is still keeping that funky/raw vibe alive today.

Verdict – Go see them live, now!

A couple of camera-phone clips:

(Playing the song ‘Star’)

(A part of ?uestlove’s drum solo)




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  1. konstantin antonoff permalink
    8 June, 2007 06:20

    Ain’t shit like roots crew

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