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Descendants of the Dawn-Breakers

25 October, 2006

For around a month now i’ve been attending a youth gathering in central London at Mark Bamford‘s house on Monday nights. The people who come are from many different backgrounds, and come Monday Nights mean businessto deepen their knowledge in the book The Dawn-breakers. This text is a historical account of the heroines of the Bab’i faith, which paved the way for the coming of Baha’u’llah.

What’s great about the sessions is that when we study the book we get to discuss the chapters page by page, leading to much thought and reflection on the themes which emerge from the stories recorded in Nabil‘s Narrative (the author of the account of the Dawn-breakers). Even though much of the drama unfolds over 150 years ago much of the lessons learnt are prevalent in our life’s in the 21st century, we face spiritual tests in a different social environment but can learn a lot from the sacrifices of the Babi’s.

Mark Bamford

Our humble host for the evenings Mark helps with visualising what we read, maybe being a Hollywood Director helps him or just being American seems to captivate people. Either way this is one book I am enjoying getting into in detail, for my knowledge of my faith is brief to say the least.

Oh and I forgot to mention this meeting is pretty hush hush, so don’t spread this information around or turn up to the meetings, unless you are eager to be inspired to work for the betterment of humankind!

Just kidding, but the latter does help…

“I stand, life in hand, ready; that perchance, through God’s loving-kindness and grace, this revealed and manifest Letter may lay down his life as a sacrifice in the path of the Primal Point, the Most Exalted Word.”


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