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Religious podcasting?

23 October, 2006


I-Pod meets God

Podcasting is certainly a phenomenon which swept the Internet in a fashion which was unprecedented, some people like me feel that podcasting is just a buzz word to describe digital audio which can be streamed on the Internet, or downloaded to your mp3 player. But for the I-pod generation it clearly has a more savvy spin, the BBC World Service’s programme ‘Heart and Soul’ recently explored podcasting in the religious spectrum.

What is observed is that people from different religions are using this medium to project their views worldwide, and audiences are ever growing given the fact that in today’s society there is a growing dichotomy with materialism and spirituality. In the podcast there are some evangelical Christian’s mentioned which seem to use podcasting as an extended church service, an Indian Baha’i Praveen is briefly interviewed about his show called ‘Beautiful World‘.

Praveen aims to give a social message claiming to break the barriers of inequality in Indian communication, and also spreading his views on the Baha’i message. In response to the interviewer on whether he is reaching many people given his website vists, he says he “thinks globally, but acts locally.” There are also some moderate Muslims mentioned who make a fair point about using the Internet creatively, to alter preconceptions of fundamental Islamic material associated with the web.

I think blogging and podcasting is something everyone should use to spread a positive message to the world, after all the technology is child play (well almost).


Listen to Heart and Soul – religious podcasting

Heart and Soul takes a look at the world of religious podcasting.

Now that members of every faith and belief are beginning to use the internet to broadcast their message to listeners around the world, the programme meets some of the new religious podcasters. Including a Bahai in India, two Muslim brothers who are using their podcast to counteract religious extremism, Buddhists who podcast from their kitchen in the U.K. and a Catholic priest from Holland who has just won the equivalent of the podcasting Oscars. The programme looks at how religious podcasting is challenging traditional religious practises and how it might develop in the future.

Podcasts mentioned in the programme:


(Taken from the BBC Website)




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  1. 11 February, 2007 14:51

    Hi Afshin

    Thanks for covering my podcast, may be we could collaborate
    on this , drop me a mail at spraveenitpro at gmail dot com.

    Bahai Greetings


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