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6 October, 2006

What’s up bloggers and Internet scrobblers.

Things are still pretty mich mundane at the moment for me, doing work with no pay, it’s kinda annoying. Anyways I really need to step up my Ruhi and my J-Youth  activities. ‘Motivate to meditate to accelerate’ is my mantra.

If you ain’t heard already a Oxford conference (attended by UK Bahai’s) on climate change happened recently and stressed global collective action. I see from the pictures Poppy was there for those who don’t know who she is, she is certainly a free spirit.

 Conference on climate change

(Photograph by Gemma Parsons)

Asmight be expected at a meeting on climate change, participants in a Baha’i-sponsored conference at Balliol College in Oxford on 15-17 September 2006 managed to hold at least one session outside on the lawn, enjoying the warm “climate.”

I’m planning to see The Roots in London in December, should be a gig which will blow my mind well fingers crossed. Oh and I recently re-discovered my Outlandish album again, and i’m playing it over and over again. At present musically a current release in Hip-Hop i’m feeling is:

Nicolay - Here

  • Nicolay – Here (BBE)  Amazing Dutch producer Nicolay who was behind ‘Foreign  Exchange’, gives  us more musically delight in this uplifting and thematic drifting album. The track ‘Give Her Everything’ is particularly pleasant for some reason.

Anyways besides insight for your ear-drum, I leave you with the news that Jack Straw is probably gonna regret what he said about veils for Muslim women, especially how the media spins stuff (and believe me i’m observing the media’ s roundabout).


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