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The Council Blues…

8 September, 2006

I love the council

My university studies have so far led me to work for the local government for 6 months on a media related placement in the press office. It can be quite interesting learning how the local press at the council operate, and writing a few bits a pieces here and there. But office environments are dead boring, so boring that boredom left for vacation about a week into the placement and now i’m left with plain old Mr.Monotony. And he is as helpful as windscreen wipers on submarines, but for real I need to motivate myself otherwise I just fall into the folly of the shadows.

Before you know it i’ll lose my balance, I like my Internet time for leisure so having to do work behind a desk here is testing me more then a 30 year old high school student.

Though it’s a good thing I have a sense of humour, and I will find a way to get some positive views permeating into the mediums of media, just a matter of time. Besides quite a big break before going back to uni gives me more time to plan constructive stuff, which is useful when your a habitual procrastinator.

Anyway music normally inspires me so check out this track, by Myka Nyne.

Download Link – Myka Nyne’s – Citrus District

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