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Another Reflection

24 August, 2006

Glory of God

Show me your hands
Let me see your palms

I will read your struggle
I will listen to your heart

From beyond the surface to what is skin deep
Is the foremost way to feel a pulse

What is this…who is this host?

Here comes the everlasting manifestation
Did you miss the train when it came to this station?

No stationary is adequate to express it
So here comes a minor effort

While I stop and depart, on this verbal mission
Let me tell you about a being, with a universal condition

Some of God's Glory

Recognition, that he put that key into unities ignition
And spread a message that let people be free from the inner-prison

You can look up the events in historical archives
Or you can see the affects, like the end of the apartheid

Even the establishment of the United Nations
Paved an international consensus dubbed globalisation

Though, those who are touched by his warmth
Know this is his world order

Not yet the lesser, or release of the greater peace
Though fluctuations in good and bad are the signs of the time

This piece, tries to picture the divine to the rhyme
Or at least reflect the sunshine to humankind.

Here on out I find no need to doubt
Don’t give into the suspicious clout

We got enough wars fought on our behalf
And an excess of wealth that flows into the wrong bath

Let me see your face, that wonderful countenance
I think of your embrace, so significant…


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  1. Ruth permalink
    5 September, 2006 16:32

    Shin-shin, i looove ur work! ur very talented.. keep it flowing. Coool stuff! xox

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