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Animator Training

24 August, 2006


The Tower


Back from the tower where there is always a queue to use the shower! Man last week was great at Cranmore, the location is truely amazing. The people where so vibrant and the Ruhi course was really intense, I can’t wait to animate some J-Youth. I need some sleep and I have work to catch up with, so I’ll keep this brief.Here’s something I Wrote Inspired from the experience:

I want to teach with a poetry of peace
To assist the J-Youth at the very least

For they bare the burden we once wore
Materialism, socialising their souls to become sore

Sore, like the stomach of a child denied a meal
The same is seen when virtues do not gain appeal

So we animate, frame by frame
Stories to be told, name by name

These are the hardships defining our time
Worldwide, J-Youth fight for the divine

Seeking some solace
Reaching for a promise

Steadfast as they begin to direct their purpose
Most institutions don’t even scratch the surface

Ruhi Group

Though, something tells me that this cause is the way forward
Feel its embrace-

The affects of 21’st century temptation
Takes its toll, but does not drown inspiration

That’s where we step in, a humble taskforce tackling sin
Behold the beauty of God’s grace to begin…

~ Peace~

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