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Spiritual Hip-Hop, A-Z

21 July, 2006

In this day and age it’s more fashionable/affordable to put your music onto a ‘myspace’ music account, and why not it creates a limitless network of potential fans from its listeners. On my online travels I’ve found some great artists who are using Hip-Hop to make spiritually uplifting tracks. So for all those who may casually glance at this blog, here’s a selection of artists you should check out and support:



BadiBadi rhymes which much grace and knowledge, his topics range from the chilled to humble reflections.Recently he served in Thailand, and his ‘Supervision’ mixtape brought us raps from his experiences there, fused with what is like to be a Hip-Hop artist in Massachusetts. Badi is certainly one to watch out for; his got a dope flow and is very versatile when it comes to the beats he uses. Blue Scholars

DJ Sabzi has Seattle by storm producing for two top-notch groups (See Common Market). Blue Scholars sees the gathering of the mind of Blue ScholarsGeologic with Sabzi. A rapper who is always on his grind, and what he speaks of his story from past to present.

Different social arenas are tackled cleverly in the lyricism, the beats support the mood with some tracks in a funky/Latin beat style and others form thoughtful melodies for meditation. You have to check out both their EP’s.


 Common Market

Common MarketThis group has become a sensation for Hip-Hop heads pretty much worldwide…The skilled musician, meeting with the street flows written = Common Market.If music were a weapon, RA Scion’s ideology would be clutching a potent microphone dispersing wisdom in the form of lessons learned. Sabzi’s cuts are phenomenal, there’s something about their album, which just seems to click more then your PC mouse. Eyeris


Eyeris is a straight-talking female real Hip-hoper with a flow that touches upon a Yarah Bravo tip.

Though this lady has her own message in her distinctive topics, she’s got big aspirations and there’s no doubt that she’s going to go far. Especially since it looks like she holds a pen in one hand and a prayer book in the other.




 Fort Tabarsi

Fort TabarsiSpiritual Revolutionary Hip-Hop doesn’t get more intense then this, after their first mixtape a few years back that whole scene was shook.

‘Spiritual Warrior Ballads’ contains an interesting fusion of topics from the groups four members; Shahid Pa, Sez One, Supa Nice and Moore Pesos. Inspired by the passion of the Bábi faith their music stands up against injustice in the auditory form.




 Infiniti Music

 Infiniti Music

Amelia Gandomi is a great female rapper, whose style reminds me of Bahamadia.

I’ve only heard a couple of tracks from her one of which featuring other artists, but so far it’s definitely been off the hook like a fish. Infinity’s tone of voice is relaxing and very deep in content pondering notions of infinity, while keeping it real at the same time.


 Justice Leeg

 Justice Leeg

Benny Cassette, Mathai J-Bird Rey-Loo and Iodine are in a league of their own.

This group has production that is up to par with most albums out on the market; only difference is these guys aren’t doing it for the loot. With varied vocal and rapping styles, their music is an entertaining blend of the West Coast meeting with each artist’s diversity.





Tallisman is a Canadian with true spirit for the artform. His debut album 80 Million Isms is a pleasant offering of insight.

Not only is he gifted on the mic he is more then capable of making it major, though he keeps a certain edge to his persona underground. Let us not forget the song ‘Tre’s Fly’, which featured Nelly Furtardo well before her name had a commercial ring to it. 




(Click artists names for links) 

Thanks for reading if you have anything to contribute/suggest please comment, and if you want to help out these artists go buy their CD’s.


4 Comments leave one →
  1. 28 January, 2010 17:13

    Loved the links, thank you for that! I did buy Fort Tabarsi’s mixtape vol. 2 – those guys are off tha chain! Now THAT is spiritual revolution!

  2. wayfarerz permalink
    17 February, 2007 01:45

    Thanks for turning me onto the cutting edge of todays spiritual warriors!

  3. 28 July, 2006 15:11

    Hey Sonya,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for the comment.

  4. 28 July, 2006 12:45

    I stumbled upon this blog today and found it to be quite interesting. Spiritual Hip-Hop A-Z. I’ve listened to all your suggested artists on this page and found them to be quite enlightening. Keep up the good work!

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