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Israel and Lebanon (Continued)

20 July, 2006

 Will war bring peace?

  Nine days of fighting and countless casualties…

There’s been a lot of press coverage since my last post where the Bahai World Centre in Haifa has been given a mention: 

  • Fear and stoicism in Haifa BBC News – UK                                                                                                        The Kuykendall family fromSeattle in the US arrived on Sunday as part of a 150-strong group of Bahai pilgrims. They came to visit…
  • Israelis United Over Strikes Newsweek – USA
    In a hotel bomb shelter across town, two American families on a pilgrimage said they’d waited years to visit the Bahai holy shrines in and around Haifa and 
  • Bajan mother in Israel Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation – Barbados
    Nearby Lebanon. Barbadian mother, Jennifer Marshall, is a Bahai missionary working for the past three years in
    Haifa, Israel. In…

  • In only a flash, a peaceful city no longer Boston Globe – United States                                                                Haifa, the most innocuous destination in Israel — with its exquisite Bahai temple gardens cascading down Mount Carmel, its sea views reminiscent of San


And another story on the persecution in Iran –


There is no peace for thee save by renouncing thyself and turning unto Me; for it behooveth thee to glory in My name, not in thine own; to put thy trust in Me and not in thyself, since I desire to be loved alone and above all that is.




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