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Two groups, one message…

23 May, 2006

The Blue Scholars, one of DJ Sabzi's successful groups


If you are looking for a type of sound which really is seeking to inspire the youth today, turn to no other then DJ Sabzi, Seattle’s one to watch producer/DJ. After only being in the Hip-Hop game for a few years his already managed to create such great groups such as Common Market (with Rascion) and the Blue Scholars (with Geologic) make sure you check out the audios on their sites and get their albums. Here’s a review I did for a UK Baha’i journal on the Common Market album:

Not your common Hip-Hop market 

These days a fair amount of rappers and producers are investing in the more material rewards of music making, however, a more spiritual alternative is being voiced. Enter two diverse artists…Raised in Louisville, Ryan Abeo (aka RA Scion) is a rapper who has put out some great solo albums over the years, drawing strength from his complex lyrical skill. RA Scion embodies many qualities associated with the conscious hip-hop movement, which many associate with the seminal KRS-One. Situated in
Seattle, Saba Mohajerjasbi
(aka DJ Sabzi) has been blending baselines, with the rhymes of Geologic in his group ‘Blue Scholars’ with great results. His beats are reminiscent of Pete Rock with a touch of RJD2.  In light of the one DJ one MC fundamentals, the ‘Common Market’ LP sees RA Scion and DJ Sabzi joining forces formidably. The album is a blend of soulful and funky fuelled melodies courtesy of Sabzi’s palette, whilst RA Scion drops auditory insight into his social stance; with great flow and conviction.

Common Market offers fourteen easy listening hip-hop tracks which will make you think, without being swept up to a whirlwind of slang, or blinding ‘blingness’. If these guys where performing for you on MTV, there would be a lot more positive vibes emanating from the artform. Notable tracks off the album are ‘Connect For’, which comes across as a plea for a union of people, uniting for the greater good. In ‘Every Last One’, RA Scion seems to talk of the type of receptive youth he is addressing, and how they will stay strong and stand tall when the tides turn. Also ‘Love One’ sees an intimate reflection of the women who play a part in Ra Scion’s life, be it mother or wife.

Overall, Sabzi’s thought-provoking beats with RA Scion’s eclectic rapping provides a great source of entertainment, which has been a type of sound eagerly awaited. I would definitely recommend this to any long-time hip-hop fan, but due to its content anyone who likes music with a spiritual edge (be it youth or post-youth) can appreciate this.

What reaches out to me the most is the spiritual essence of Sabzi’s work, which comes across with the artists he works with even if they don’t share the same faith as he does. It’s just a great feeling of unity through music…

 Download Link – Blue Scholars – Southside Revival (DJ Hypen Mixtape version)


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  1. 23 May, 2006 19:37

    cheers, i drop science like a was cutting biology classes!

  2. omid permalink
    23 May, 2006 12:45

    What up, nice bloggin shin, keep droppin science!

  3. jeej permalink
    23 May, 2006 12:45

    Nicely written mate, I’ll have to check it out.

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