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Did someone say MF Doom?

22 May, 2006


 Doom in action                                                                                                                                                                         Not many rappers make me want to write rhymes which subtly conjure up colloquial wordplay, mixed with comic book dialogue and dramatised samples. But MF Doom so skilfully does this in a way, in which your average MC can only dream of. Daniel Dumile (pronounced “DOOM-uh-lay”) is a rapper with so many personas’ I’ve lost count (King Geedorah, MF DOOM, Madvillain, Viktor Vaughn, Dangerdoom, Zev Love X etc) though they all bring different insight into his masked world. From the classic hits of KMD, right the way through to his latest efforts Doom makes enjoyable tracks. Along with his production efforts on his Special Herbs collections, we see how diverse this guy really is.

I don’t want to praise him too much to fall into the folly of being branded an underground hip-hop backpacker, but  what I will say is that (along with the likes of the early work of Kool Keith), doom’s stance is a very creative and uniquely entertaining one. And I’m hyped because I just heard that the critically acclaimed Dangerdoom is going to release an EP in 2006 which will be available for free, week by week to download from Adult swim magazine. The first of which is ‘Corndogs’, a bizarre ride of a track even for the doom fans, but until I can write more creative raps and produce more eclectic beats it’s more then all-good for me.



Keep it metal-faced!

Download link  – Dangerdoom – Korndogs


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