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Bristol Hip-Hop & introducing Free Spirits!

22 May, 2006

I thought being in London I was lucky to be in the best environment for observing the UK Hip-Hop scene, notably all of the main artists gaining any publicity seem to be London based. After all we have deal real records, a strong catalogue of crews (Foreign beggars, Taskforce etc) and even the overnight international success Sway. Though when my good friend Rayyan and Omid decided to meet up in Bristol to chill, and record a track. Something told me this would be a great opportunity to explore the local Hip-Hop culture in that area.

With my upcoming group meeting (Minus Ronnie), we certainly had a good time just checking out how great the graffiti scene is in Bristol, and the local music talent at a gig . My rhyming partner Evergreen did an amazing set with his own group, featuring the awesome Spazmatron who is the best female beatboxer I’ve ever seen. Along with that there was a great chilled out band called ‘The Formula’, complete with jazz singer and mad scratching on the turntables.

In the labThe result of the weekend was making a track we could call our own, as my group Free Spirits were eager to get something down on paper and more importantly MP3. Thanks to a quick beat by DJ Needle Freak, we managed to record ‘Rose Garden Forces’. If anyone’s got the time to check it out and leave feedback, it would be appreciated.



From London to Bristol and worldwide!

Download link  – Free Spirits – Rose Garden Forces


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